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The new Full Line Catalogue has arrived!


All our products clearly and vividly presented in the new digital version of our full line catalog. Discover new products, features and accessories. Everything is quickly accessible with just one click in our interactive pdf file. 



Ledlenser News

Michael Reuter is the new CEO of the Ledlenser Group

With new management, the lighting experts from Solingen want to push ahead with their premium positioning. Solingen, July 2021 - On 1 July 2021, a change has taken place in the management of ... read more

// 23.07.2021

Lightpainting in the land of volcanoes

An inspiring experience report from our cooperation partner ZOLAQ, who traveled to Iceland in April to realize a lifelong dream: Lightpainting at an active ... read more

// 12.05.2021

The new k-series - keychain lights with even more power

The time has come and we present the new products of the K-Series. Our three new keychain lights of the K-Series are the perfect companions for everyday life. With their simple and ... read more

// 04.05.2021

One brand, many possibilities.

No matter which challenge you wish to meet, you’ll master it with the right flashlight or headlamp from Ledlenser.


Tackle the darkness.

The Ledlenser Sport Range for joggers, cyclists, free climbers and many more.

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Built for extremes. And the way there.

The Ledlenser Outdoor Range for hunters, anglers, campers and many more.

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Don't get caught in the dark.

The Ledlenser Professional Range for tradespeople and security forces.

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Everyday Use

Life in a completely new light.

The Ledlenser Life Range for casual users.

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The Ledlenser P-Series

Minimalist design, maximum performance.

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The Ledlenser D-Series

Flood light. Even in shallow water.

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The Ledlenser F-Series

A pocket size light powerhouse.

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The Ledlenser K-Series

The key to illumination.

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The Ledlenser M-Series

Fancy on the outside, high-tech on the inside.

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The Ledlenser T-Series

The best tactic is activation.

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The Ledlenser X-Series

Strong design meets luminous power.

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The Ledlenser Outdoor-Series

Built for extremes. And the way there.

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The Ledlenser NEO

See and be seen. Even in the dark.

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The Ledlenser SEO-Series

As unique as those who wear them.

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The Ledlenser H-Series

Let somebody else do the headwork.

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The Ledlenser XEO19R

Dim your light, not your expectations.

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The Ledlenser Outdoor-Series

Built for extremes. And the way there.

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More than a flashlight maker.

Who are we? What do we do? Where are we and where do we want to go? You’ll find the answers to these questions here.

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