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Warranty Procedure – Retailers

Our customer service should be just as good as our products. You can help with that. To ensure that returns and repairs are processed as quickly and smoothly as possible, we ask you to always use our service accompanying document.

You can download the service accompanying document here.

Please understand that for technical transaction reasons we can no longer process deliveries without the “service accompanying document” and will refuse to accept them. The same applies to returns that are sent to us on a “freight collect” basis.

Please note the following points for your returns:

  • Fill out the service accompanying document completely.
  • The company name and your customer number must be clearly visible on the outside of the package.
  • We cannot offer any support for products that were not purchased directly from us. (Exception: Deliveries via our subsidiaries in Austria and Italy)
  • In the case of imported goods, we ask that you contact your distributor or foreign supplier.
  • As a retailer you are legally obligated to directly accept customer complaints. Then simply forward the returned goods with the filled-out service accompanying document to us.