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The Ledlenser CRI lamps


Ledlenser's CRI lamps are specifically designed to meet the needs of electricians, quality inspectors and industrial workers. CRI, or "Color Rendering Index", describes the color rendering quality of a light source. On this scale the sun reaches the reference value of 100 which in our perception is considered to be "natural light". The closer a light source gets to this value, the better the colour rendering and objects can be rendered absolutely naturally even in the deepest darkness. This makes the CRI lamps an irreplaceable companion for all those who always have to rely on their eyes. This makes the CRI series an irreplaceable tool for anybody always relying on their eyes.

High quality light requires more than a high lumen value. The color temperature sets the light apart and is much more important for many applications. The Natural Light Technology of the Ledlenser CRI series therefore produces neutral white light with a 4000 Kelvin color temperature and a color rendering index (CRI) of 90. This ensures true color rendering, even in the deep red color range. Without any blue cast and with a natural color saturation. Making it easy to distinguish colors and even assess welds, maps and legends easily. Incidentally, your eyes will not get tired quickly - even after using a CRI light for an extended period of time.

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