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Julia Hofmann

We are happy to have one of the most talented and personable German bikers on our team: Julia Hofmann. With her converted Land Rover and her mountain bike, the former interior designer Julia explores the world, always looking for the perfect trail to hit. It is no problem for her to often be on her own. With her impressive do-it-yourself attitude, she tackles every problem or obstacle and finds a working solution. Julia is happy to pass on this extensive know-how at her famous screwdriver workshops.

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Light Hero Team

Jan Fitschen

At the end of his professional career, long-distance runner Jan Fitschen switched from the stadium floodlight to a Ledlenser head torch without hesitation.

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Light Hero Team

The Lost Places

With his photo project "The Lost Places", Nic is always looking for previously lively environments that mankind has given up at some point. He captures the fascinating effects of light in these abandoned, mystical places with his camera.

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Bright and broad.

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However high your demands, in our large and multiple award-winning product range you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

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