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04. February 2017

Lighting up Adventures

Solingen/Munich, December 2016: Ledlenser will be debuting its Outdoor series at ISPO. The company used its lighting expertise and feedback from the PRO Team to develop a new light series that is designed specifically for night-time use outdoors. The Ledlenser Outdoor series brings the night to life – whether you’re in the mountains, on the water or just out and about. The launch in April will be accompanied by an extensive campaign.

Ledlenser has taken on the task of lighting up the night with mobile lights, thereby giving passionate outdoor enthusiasts more time to pursue their sports outside. To make the night come to life in all its beauty, Ledlenser has developed the Outdoor series, which includes three headlamps and four torches. Light is essential in the mountains, in the woods and on the water to recognise potential dangers and prevent accidents. The Outdoor series opens up new opportunities for independent adventures, with the function, design and operation of the products being perfectly suited for night-time experiences outdoors. Ledlenser offers three powerful headlamps, the MH10, MH6 and MH2, for those who prefer to keep their hands free. All other adventurers can rely on the four torches (MT18, MT14, MT10 and MT6). The extensive marketing campaign to launch the product goes live in April and covers all traditional channels to attract consumers’ attention. Ledlenser is also extending the campaign to the point of sale, where it will use various themes and measures to take account of the needs and touchpoints of specific target groups, including mountain bikers, hunters and fishermen, among other enthusiasts. The campaign will focus on emotive images and action, and will include testimonials from high-profile figures such as Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson, Darren Berrecloth and Maddie Brenneman. A highlight of the campaign will see consumers given the opportunity to experience the Outdoor series first-hand at a roadshow, with attendees being able to take part in night-time walks, night-time geocaching and other activities. At the west entrance, ISPO attendees will also be able to use the Outdoor series’ products to experience an adventurous journey within a virtual reality world.