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Burning Life


Beam Distance


Product information

Extreme light for extreme situations

The LEDLENSER® M14 is the flagship of the M series and the flashlight of choice for long-time missions. Before this lamp entered mass production, it had passed – with flying colors! – a multitude of thorough practical tests involving rigorous procedures. Our engineers especially had in mind emergency units whose working hours are incalculable: disaster relief workers, firefighters or police forces. When put to continuous use, the LEDLENSER® M14 impresses by its light output, its functionality and its outstanding running time: 50 hours** of reliable light!Due to its extreme beam distance (320 meters*), this handy lamp literally puts many a competitor’s model in the shade. In addition, you can set the LEDLENSER® M14 to your particular requirements via light programs (Smart Light Technology), so that the light functions you need are accessible in a flash.The LEDLENSER® M14 with individual light programs is a lighting tool that makes your work safer and more effective.

Design awards

Platzierung: winner

Jahr: 2011
Design awards: red dot design award
Platzierung: winner

Technical Data


High End Power LED
LED Configuration
1 x High End Power LED
Luminous flux*
MAX 400 lm
MIN 30 lm
Beam Distance *
MAX 320 m
MIN 105 m
Burning Life**
MAX 10.8 h
MIN 50 h

Technical Data

4 x AA 1.5V
Energy Tank (Wh) ***
16.8 Wh
IP protection class

Size & Weight

Length flood
160 mm
Head diameter (mm)
47 mm
Weight (w/o packing)
350 g

Procuct information

Packing, Case color
Product name
Item No.
Case color
Scope of delivery
Lanyard, Manual, Safety Bag, Smart Instruction Card


Advanced Focus System (AFS)
We have reconciled lens and reflector, Galilei and Newton, and make use of the advantages of both systems. The development of the reflector-lens, i.e. a combination of reflector and lens ( AFS), enables us to “tailor-make” light with an efficiency that amazes even experts. The Advanced Focus System allows for stageless transition from homogeneous, circular low beam to sharply focused long-distance beam. AFS has been patented at home and abroad (Patent-No: China: ZL 200680000752.1, Europa: EP 1880 139 B1, USA: 7,461,960.).
Thanks to high-tech microcontrollers, the flashlights of our M series feature individual light programs. In addition, their energy consumption is optimized by intelligent software.
Speed Focus
Speed Focus, the one-hand slide focusing mechanism, is fast, reliable and vastly superior to conventional swivel mechanisms.
Adjust the light cone quickly and comfortably with only one hand!


Safety Bag
Pouches / Holster
Article number: 0341

Intelligent Clip
Fastenings / Brackets
Article number: 0319

Signal Cone
Color filter / Signal caps
Article number: 7478

Roll Resistance Ring
Roll Protections
Article number: 0321


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* Luminous flux (lumen/lm) or maximum beam distance (in meters) is measured using the setting specified in the table or text when switching on with a set of fresh alkaline batteries or, for rechargeable units, with a fully charged rechargeable battery. If no brightness level is explicitly mentioned, the values refer to the Boost function; if there is no Boost function featured on the relevant product, the values refer to the brightest setting that the product has.
These are average values that may deviate by +/- -15% in individual instances in accordance with chip and battery/battery pack.
A Boost function is available multiple times, but only for a very brief period of time.

** The average burning life (h) of the relevant setting as given in the table or in text is up to a luminous flux of 1 lumen. If no brightness level is mentioned, the values refer to the Low Power function; if there is no Low Power function featured on the relevant product, the values refer to the lowest setting that the product has.
A Boost function (if included) is available multiple times, but only for a very brief period of time.

*** Calculated value of the capacity in Watt hours (Wh). This applies to the battery(ies) contained in the relevant product in the delivered state or, for flashlights with battery pack(s), when the batteries are in a fully charged state.