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The Ledlenser M-Series

Different situations require different light programs. That's why the lights in this series aren't just sturdy and economical, but also have a particularly high number of functions. They're therefore not only popular among rescue and security forces, but also among fans of the outdoors, hunters and anglers. It is also because with Smart Light Technology you control all the programs with just one switch: the micro-controller. By now it must be clear why this light range is called the “M-Series”, and with one glance at the lights' stylish appearance, why many of the models have been awarded for their design.

The products of the M-Series

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Ledlenser X21R.2

SEK 399.95

3200 lm1
700 m1
40 h1
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Guarantee and warranty for individual customers


At Ledlenser not only are the products long-lasting, but so is the warranty.

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Product Consultant

Our range of lights is just as varied as the people who use them. In just a few clicks our Product Consultant will help you find a light to perfectly suit you.

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Enlightening answers to common questions

Ledlenser FAQs

Questions are there to be asked. But some have already been answered – in our FAQs.

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