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Flashes of genius are our favorite light.

To turn these flashes into light as reliably as possible, we’ve clearly divided up our tasks: Engineered in Germany, produced in China.

Our development department in Solingen is our “ideas laboratory” where we exchange ideas and lead passionate discussions. In addition to concentrated expertise, a good portion of “madness” also plays a role here. We look into what it is our users really need, and how we can meet those demands in an intelligent and new way. We then mold the answers into a unique, ergonomic design.

Our site in the Chinese city of Yangjiang, on the other hand, is where all our production skills come together. We firmly believe that experience in product quality is important and are constantly further developing our knowledge in that area. All of our products are manufactured and tested, from the prototype stage to mass production, in Yangjiang. To ensure that our products become real and proper tools which can withstand the toughest conditions, we first put them to the acid test. Our quality control checklist is a list with 24 items, which encompass nearly all types of possible stress. Endurance, extreme temperatures, water, salt, blows, pressure – it is all inspected and tested until our engineers are near to tears. But at the end of the day, our customers can look forward to functional and extremely reliable lights.

From the idea to the finished product.

A Case Study

How does a spark become a bonfire? Or in other words: How are lights at Ledlenser made? We can answer that with our case study using the evolutionary story of the XEO19R.

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From the idea to the finished product.

Ledlenser Technologies

From innovative lenses to future-oriented batteries – we work tirelessly to further develop our technological edge. And this is why we already have over 100 patents.

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Our award-winning lights.

Awards and Test Ratings

Ledlenser lights even turn heads among experts: This has been demonstrated by our approximately 200 awards, prizes and test ratings.

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Our Partners and References

Many bright minds work on the light of a Ledlenser: We are not alone in our pursuit of innovation and absolute quality, as is shown by our partners and the many brands that work with our products. These include: Audi, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, airberlin, thyssenkrupp, BASF, police authorities and the Deutsche Bahn.

Every day I can do what makes me happy, and still call it a job.

Tobias Schleder – Director, Productmanagement

Ledlenser is a reliable partner for me in the dark.

Bin Xiao – Junior Industrial Designer, Productmanagement

With my laser inscriptions I make people beam.

Heike Wichelhaus – Teamleader, Lasering and Etching Laboratory

Our values, our aspirations, our history, our future.

About Us

Discover how we became one of the world’s market leaders in LED flashlights and headlamps. And why we believe that our company has a glowing future ahead of it.

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Bright and broad.

Ledlenser Product Range

However high your demands, in our large and multiple award-winning product range you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

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Guarantee and warranty for individual customers


At Ledlenser not only are the products long-lasting, but so is the guarantee.

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Ledlenser is freedom, innovation, trust, wonder. And literally illuminating.

Markus Becker – Graphic Designer, Marketing

A company that’s like a family. And one that is constantly growing.

Norbert Kopp – Teamleader, Shop

Flextime, profit sharing, iPad raffle – employee incentives at Ledlenser are just as innovative as the products.

Andrea Kaffee – Service Team, Support

With me our customers receive their goods on time and in perfect condition.

Salvo Inerlici – Supervisor, Logistic

My three favorite things at Ledlenser: Career opportunities, young company, high growth potential.

Loreto Di Bella – Assistant, Key Account

Ledlenser and I have been an inseparable couple for 14 years.

Angelika Gehrmann – Teamleader, Accounting

With so much fun at work, things never get boring.

Philipp Hahn – Customer Service, Export