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The Ledlenser Professional Range

Powerful, uncomplicated and absolutely reliable. What applies to a good work colleague also describes our torches and headlamps for everyday work. Thus they provide first-class services in the tactical deployment of police, fire brigade, THW and Co. and ensure safety when it counts. Mobile light is also an important topic in industry and trade. In our portfolio you will find many special products that help you to work precisely and perseveringly. For example, construction spotlights and work lights, explosion-protected lamps or CRI lamps for particularly natural colour rendering. All our "Work & Professional" lamps are particularly robust, easy to operate and therefore designed for demanding jobs. In a nutshell: The ideal equipment for experts from experts.


Our Highlights for Work & Professional

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Ledlenser X21R.2

EUR 399.95

3200 lm1
700 m1
40 h1
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