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Ledlenser adds portable energy to its portfolio

From now on, we are presenting our mobile energy suppliers and storage boxes for batteries. The stable power supplies support Li-Ion batteries of type 18650, as used in numerous Ledlenser lamps. The special highlight: the batteries can be easily removed.  

The practical charging units thus not only supply mobile devices with fresh energy, but also serve as battery chargers and at the same time as safe storage for the batteries.

Thanks to the robust housing, they also provide reliable protection in harsh environments. They are therefore the ideal companion in everyday life and on tour.

Our Powerbanks

  • Especially robust: the housings are IP65-certified, all USB ports are also waterproof

  • safe storage for the transport of batteries

  • quickly charge mobile devices via the USB-A port

  • fast charging via Speed Charge plus charge level indicator
  • Housing with roll away protection

Our battery box

  • stable housing for the storage and transport of two batteries

  • ideal for hiking or camping holidays
  • consists of flame-retardant material