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The Ledlenser EX-Series

If you work in explosive environments, safety is extremely important when it comes to using electronics. Safety, which is defined in the ATEX directives of the European Union. Ledlenser EX and iL series lamps meet these standards in every aspect. Designed specifically for contact with explosive gases, vapors and dust in the best possible groups IIC and IIIC. They feature maximum dust protection, are protected from water and ATEX and IECEx approved. Yet both lines - in compliance with the ATEX operating directives - are designed for different types of explosion hazards. The EX series is suitable for use in areas where explosive atmospheres are frequently present (zones 0, 1, 20 or 21) and the iL series for zones 2/222 . So you’ll find the perfect lamp for any environment.

By the way, our EX7 and the EX7R are finalists in the category fire protection, explosion protection and industrial safety in the GIT SAFETY AWARD 2021.

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Ledlenser X21R.2

EUR 399.95

3200 lm1
700 m1
40 h1
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ATEX Zones

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