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With Ledlenser's new Outdoor Series

The new Ledlenser Outdoor Series.

Have you ever experienced this moment?

That moment just before you take the first step into the darkness. Before you enter the mysterious pitch black of the night. Holding those breathtaking things never seen during the day. There is so much more to discover and so many adventures to be had.

The new Ledlenser Outdoor Series was developed for this very moment – featuring the best flashlights and headlamps in the world.

Face the darkness is our call to anyone who refuses to turn around and go home – but takes on the dark to become a hero instead.


Don't let anything stop you from continuing on your path when you are face to face with the forest and the darkness. It's the only way to experience what no one has ever seen before.

"I only fear the darkness when I turn the light off."


Hunt down the darkness.

True outdoor enthusiasts like Darren love the extremely bright and easy to handle, high-lumen MT18. With features such as single-hand focusing via the Fast Action Switch and a powerful rechargeable battery with quick charge feature provide unlimited freedom so the darkness doesn't stand a chance.

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Days can go by faster than expected when the mountain calls and darkness comes. Why give up when you can keep going well into the night?

"You can always find your way in the darkness."


A radiant head is better than a shiny forehead.

Eric swears by the MH10, Ledlenser's brightest headlamp in its weight class. It is equipped with color filters and a red rear light, and therefore perfectly suited for hitting the slopes at night or for anyone looking for extreme outdoor activities.

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If the darkness surprises you while you're fishing, you shouldn't let it force you to head back to shore. What if the catch of your life is just ahead?

"Fishing at night is a completely different experience."


Truly light makes for true light.

Maddie raves about MH6. Our lightest outdoor headlamp weighs barely more than a thick wool beanie and boasts lasting lumen values that put many flashlights to shame. It's perfect for losing track of time - without ever losing track of the fish.

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Ledlenser MT6

For big adventures and small purses.

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Ledlenser MT10

True size comes from within. And then reveals itself.

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Ledlenser MT14

High scope means high endurance.

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Ledlenser MT18

Hunt down the darkness.

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Ledlenser MH2

Pioneer in money and energy saving.

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Ledlenser MH6

Truly light makes for true light.

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Ledlenser MH10

A radiant head is preferable to a shiny forehead.

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