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Our commitment in china

Our social responsibility knows no global boundaries. And therefore China is particularly close to our heart as a production location. We regularly donate food and school materials in various campaigns in the surrounding regions of the city of Yangjiang. Our German trainees on site actively support this commitment. They help with English courses in the schools and further instruction from various aid organisations. We have been supporting Yidong Primary School since 2016 in the form of financial donations, which enable the school to be renovated, and support the school children by providing school materials and access to education. 

For example, one of our charity campaigns is called "Light up the darkness and hope". The Chinese slogan for this is 点光希望, 专递温暖. In detail, the word components can be translated as follows:

点光              means a drop of light

希望              means hope

专递温暖      means (special) transport of warmth

In addition to financial and product donations, direct help from person to person is very important to us. The employees of our Chinese location are very eager to get involved in this project in their own free time. They prepare gifts and plan activities with the school children. Yangjiang is rather a provincial city in an otherwise highly developed area of China. Many of the places we provide with our donations and lamps have little or no street lighting and unstable power lines.