United Kingdom

Modular system


Our flashlights have a modular design

There are lamps you can only open with a hammer. That's not exactly user-friendly. Our new Modular System puts it right. If the lamp should happen to fail during the hardest use you can very easily replace the defective components. Moreover, the modular configuration facilitates cleaning which may become necessary after extreme operational demands.


  • Dynamic Switch - 3-stage switch with pushbutton function
  • Batterie Cartdrige - Easily exchangeable
  • Main Tube - Splash-proof housing made from high-grade aluminium
  • Speed Focus - Controls the focusing of the lens
  • Reflector-Lens - for stageless transition from low beam to long-distance light
  • Lamp Head - Splash-proof housing made from high grade aluminium
  • High End Heat Sink - Cooling element with LED chip and board
  • Hard gold-plated contacts
  • Splash-proof end cap