United Kingdom

Dynamic Switch


Our multi-function switch

Professionals want to switch at lightning speed and adjust brightness equally fast. Our new Dynamic Switch offers both - simultaneously. With one hand. Within milliseconds.


Boost Modus*

Push the switch only once, and for a short time the lamp provides even more light than in continuous operation. Releasing the switch automatically terminates this function. The Boost function is at your disposal all the time (even when the lamp is set to "Low Power" or "Power").

Power Modus

When set to "Power", the lamp provides its full light output.

Low Power Modus

In "Low Power" the lamp shines with reduced brightness and therefore consumes less energy.

Application example

You are a police officer checking an intoxicated driver’s documents with our LED LENSER® P7 in economy mode when you realize that the driver intends to assault you. You press the switch gently and dazzle the attacker with 200 lumens* - you most likely won’t have to use a weapon or truncheon.

* Not all models feature the Boost function.