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Leaking batteries destroy appliances and switches do not last forever!

Leaky or fumigating batteries cause contact corrosion and destroy electronics. Since warranties don't cover this kind of damage, there's frequently nothing else for it but to purchase a new appliance. That's not only expensive and annoying, but also ecologically objectionable, because the appliances which have to be disposed of were manufactured with high expenditure of energy and raw materials. Switches don’t last for eternity! The switch is the Achilles' heel of many flashlights. It's usually situated in the end cap or housing of the lamp and therefore inaccessible for the layperson. If it is broken, the device has to undergo expensive repair or has to be disposed of.


Therefore, we developed a Battery Cartridge System.

The patent application has been submitted for a new in-house invention that has moved the switch of the LED LENSER® P7 and LED LENSER® T7 and the LED LENSER® P14 to the battery cartridge. This can be very easily screwed on or off. Should the batteries leak or against expectations a switch be defective, you can simply unscrew the battery box from the lamp and send it to us. You will receive replacement free of charge within the warranty time. This promise is also true even if you did not use LED LENSER® batteries. We sell very high quality batteries and appreciate there are other good brands on the market. However, we do ask you not to use zinc-carbon batteries. These are often not leak-proof and due to their low energy density hardly suitable for our lamps.