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Consumption of batteries


Battery consumption

It's hardly imaginable, but every year, about one billion batteries are used up in Germany alone.

Strung together, this line of batteries would cover the circumference of the earth (one billion x 4 cm = 40,000 km). According to the German Federal Environmental Agency, these batteries contain almost 5,000 tonnes of zinc, 1,500 tonnes of nickel, 700 tonnes of cadmium, 7 tonnes of silver and 3 tonnes of mercury. Almost 70% of all flat batteries still end up as domestic waste. This amount of toxic substances could poison the whole of humankind. After us, the Deluge?

Switching to LED saves money and protects the environment!

Clemens Hölter (No-Energy Agency), expert on harmful substances: Using LED light saves money for batteries and protects the environment. But beware! The market is full of inefficient LED lamps, many of which are only insubstantially better than light bulbs.