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Creating New Worlds of Light.

Rainer Opolka
Rainer Opolka
Harald Opolka
Harald Opolka
In 1994, we founded our company in a garage with 1,000 DM start up capital, a sketch book, a toolbox and an old Atari computer. We were obsessed with light and lamps, full of ideas, and frequently worked far into the night. In the few hours of sleep we needed, we dreamt of bright stars.

Meanwhile, with more than 1,000 employees and three manufacturing bases, we produce a range of flashlights that is second to none worldwide. In this catalogue, we proudly present the results of passion, endeavour and 18 months of research and development: the latest generation of our LED LENSER® products. Like science fiction lightsabers, these unique lamps cut through the darkness of night. Let them surprise you.

The Zweibrüder

The company Zweibrüder Optoelctronics has been founded by the twin brothers Harald and Rainer Opolka.

Each new task is a challenge that takes us back to the seriousness with which we played as children. Indeed bold visions, a strong belief in your own abilities and the courage to go into the unknown is not enough to create ground- breaking inventions. Something else is needed: the enthusiasm that awakens our strength and the diligence to give birth to ideas against opposition. At the end of this creative process, sometimes there is a product that we marvel at like we do at a newborn child. For our success, we also give credit to our employees because without our competent team, all our efforts would fall flat.

We are often asked: "From where do you get the imagination to develop so many new and innovative lamps?“ We thought about it. Perhaps it was the magic of light that we felt as children when we were in a dugout and found an old, rusted electric torch that still radiated light? Or was it the first encounter with the soft light of the south when we travelled through Italy as young students, with little money in our pockets but carefree and light-hearted?

One must love to be able to create something really meaningful.

Our father was a miner and our parents had to save hard so that their twins could attend university. We started in a garage. The bank refused to grant us a business loan for the production of our lamps. We had no real estate to offer as collateral, just fresh courage and the prototype of the first LED LENSER V8. That wasn't enough for the gentlemen at the bank.

The bank's business client consultant told us the V8 was unsellable. So, we managed without a bank and we sold, to our own amazement, over 200 million Euros’ worth of electric torches in a short time. The V8 became an international design classic and the top-selling LED metal torch in the world. Now we are our own bank. A pirate flag waves over our Solingen headquarters.

In our production halls and administrative offices, the focus is on the human factor. We stand for surprising innovations, top quality, environmentally friendly technology and award-winning design. We develop visions for new worlds of light. We are involved in the peace movement as well as the environmental movement. We invest our profits against the trend of "shareholder value thinking“ in education projects and company housing. We are indeed the founders and owners of Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH, however, we do not fit the image of the "capitalist" and classical entrepreneur.